Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools for ecommerce stores and numerous studies back up their long-term ROI.
We know that small business owners who want to use videos to promote their products are often intimidated by the costs involved or lack of time and skills to produce their own.
This is where we come in. We produce short, simple and visually appealing product videos which have have a big impact on your customers and move them further down in your sales funnel.
We make sure they are exactly targeted to your niche audience, reflect your brand, show your product’s benefits and end with a clear call to action. As a result you will soon see your shop’s conversion rate climb up.
To make sure you get the most out of your videos we also offer additional Video-SEO service. When done correctly (and we are really good at this) you can expect to see your videos rank in the top search results of both Youtube and Google after just a couple of weeks. How is that for a SEO boost and free targeted traffic for your business?

Our Basic Product Video Packages

All basic videos include the concept, script, your branding, 2D text animation, royalty free music track and 1080p HD video quality. 2 free revisions for each step in the production process.
Production time is usually 3-5 days.

for Starters

499,-excl. VAT

  • Up to 60 seconds
  • Without voice over
  • Suitable for small online shops or if you want to produce videos for your entire product range
  • We recommend our Video-SEO upgrade

If you need more complex explainer videos for your business check out our PREMIUM EXPLAINER VIDEO packages here.

If you can not find what you are looking for contact us for your custom project.